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Project: Strongbow Fan Cam

We were excited to be involved in the development and production of the FanCam units for the promotion of Strongbow Gold Cider. The concept was a digitally connected bottle cap called StartCap which when flipped becomes a trigger.

At a time when the consumers preference for sweeter drinks is rising, the mechanic was to roll out the cider brand in territories worldwide where consumers don’t even know what cider is.

The FanCam uses digital to bring to life the proposition that drinking cider provides a fresher start to the evening and encourages drinkers to try something different.

The challenge was using digital to create something of interest, to tell a story to be captured and spread socially! A platform that extends beyond the event to bring product, customer and brand together.

The stand provides a well engineered and branded set to house and seamlessly deliver the digital mechanic. It begins with a RFID tag embedded in the cap of a limited edition bottle, a trigger to set the flash, then the fan and capture the moment. It becomes an event photobooth to be shared worldwide.

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 08.53.41.png
Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 08.53.53.png
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